From left: Dr. Felgood (Willie Perryman), Curtis Smith, Bobby Lee Tuggle, Roy Lee Johnson, Beverly Watkins, Howard Hobbs

Sound archive of the Rock 'n' Roll recordings
from 1961 to 1966

  1. BALD-HEADED LENA (Willie Perryman, Edgar Snead) 08/1962
  2. BLANG DONG (LeRoy Tukes, Dora Rutledge) 08/1963
  3. DOCTOR FEEL-GOOD (Curtis I.Smith) 05/1961
  4. DOCTOR OF LOVE (B. Knight) 08/1964
  5. DON'T LET ME CATCH YOU WRONG (Curtis I.Smith) 05/1961
  6. DON'T TELL ME NO DIRTY (Curtis I.Smith, Willie Perryman) 03/1966
  7. I AIN'T GONNA BE A LOWDOWN DOG NO MORE (Willie Perryman) 05/1961
  8. I DON'T MIND (writer unknown) 08/1963
  9. I FEEL GOOD (Curtis I.Smith) 08/1962
  10. I'M GONNA ROCK SOME MORE (Joe Thomas, Howard Biggs) 08/1963
  11. IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE (Billy Mayhew) 08/1962, 08/1964
  12. LET THE HOUSE ROCK ON (Willie Perryman) 08/1964
  13. LET'S HAVE A GOOD TIME TONIGHT (Willie Perryman) 08/1962
  14. MY GAL JO (Willie Perryman) 12/1962
  15. RIGHT STRING BUT THE WRONG YO YO (Willie Perryman) 05/1961
  16. THE DOCTOR'S BOOGIE (Willie Perryman) 08/1963
  17. THE SAME OLD THINGS KEEP HAPPENING (Curtis I.Smith) 08/1962
  18. THE SWABBLE (Curtis I.Smith, Howard Hobbs, Roy Lee Johnson, jr) 05/1961
  19. WHAT'S UP DOC (Willie Perryman, Curtis I.Smith) 04/1962
  20. WHERE DID YOU GO (Curtis I.Smith, Willie Perryman) 03/1966
All these performances were released only on the 4-CD box set “PIANO RED * DR. FELGOOD: The Doctor's In!” (Bear Family Records, Germany, BCD 15685 DI, 1993):
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