A. Studio recordings


The definitive edition of his Sun recordings 1956-1963

8 Compact discs, 246 tracks
Bear Family Records BCD 15420 HH
West Germany, 1989

CLASSIC Jerry Lee Lewis, face A
CLASSIC Jerry Lee Lewis, face B

Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 1

Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 2
Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 3
Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 4
Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 5

Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 6
Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 7
Classic Jerry Lee Lewis 8

II. The Alternate Collection

2 Compact discs
(61 Sun recordings not issued on the «Classic Jerry Lewis» boxset)
Charly Records CD SUND 35
UK, 1991

The Alternate Collection

III. THE ULTIMATE (The Sun years)

11-CD set + Bonus CD
(318+29 Sun recordings, including tunes not issued on the «Classic Jerry Lewis» boxset.
Does not contain all the tracks of the «Classic Jerry Lewis» and of «The Alternate Collection»)
Charly Records CD SUN BOX 4
UK, 1993

Front side Back side

Original Singles p. 1
Disc 1
The Original Singles, Part 1

Original Singles p. 2
Disc 2
The Original Singles, Part 2
Country Roots
Disc 3
Country Roots
Hillbilly Music
Disc 4
Hillbilly Music
Sixty Minute Man
Disc 5
Sixty Minute Man, R&B Roots

Hits Re-defined
Disc 6. Hits Re-defined
(I Did 'em My Way)
Disc 7
Rarities, not on CD
More Rarities
Disc 8
More Rarities
Unissued Takes, Vol. 1
Disc 9
Unissued Takes, Vol. 1

Pumpin' Piano Rock
Disc 10. Pumpin' Piano Rock
(Did I Write Some Of 'em?)
Unissued Takes, Vol. 2
Disc 11
Unissued Takes, Vol. 2
Bonus CD
Disc 12
Bonus CD

IV. The locust years...
...and the return to the promised land

8 Compact discs (4 double CDs)
(All studio recordings for Smash division of Mercury records from September 1963 to 1969
and the live recordings from Panther Hall, Fort Worth, Texas, 08/20/1966 - the first show only)
Bear Family Records BCD 15783 HI
Germany, 1994

The Locust Years, face A
The Locust Years, face B

The locust years... 1&2
The locust years…
The locust years... 3&4
…and the return…
The locust years... 5&6
…to the…

V. Mercury Smashes...
...and Rockin' Sessions

10 Compact discs (5 double CDs)
(Nearly all recordings for the Mercury records between 1970 and 1977
and the live recordings from the Rock'n'Roll Revival Concert, Toronto, 1969)
Bear Family Records BCD 15784 JK
Germany, 2000

Mercury Smashes, face A
Mercury Smashes, face B

Mercury Smashes... 1&2
Mercury Smashes... 3&4
Mercury Smashes... 5&6

Mercury Smashes... 7&8
…Rockin' Sessions…
Mercury Smashes... 9&10

VI. A Half Century of Hits

3 Compact discs, 66 tracks
Includes some tracks from Elektra's albums previously unissued on CD
and two previously unissued demo recordings of 1952:

Don't Stay Away ('Til Love Grows Cold)

Jerry Lee's Boogie (New Orleans Boogie)

Time Life, 2006

A Half Century of Hits

CDs with the performances not issued on the CD-sets

The Killer's Private Stash
The Killer's Private Stash
(bootleg). Unissued recordings
from 1954 (!) to 1980s
The Complete Million Dollar Quartet
The Complete
Million Dollar Quartet

Unformal recording 12/4/1956
The (Complete) Session
The (Complete) Session (2 CD)
Rec. 1/1973, London
All Killer No Filler 2
All Killer No Filler, CD 2
Incl. few Elektra rec. 1979-1980

Caribou Ranch Sessions
Caribou Ranch Sessions
Rec. 1980
That Breathless Cat
That Breathless Cat
Rec. 11/17/1983
Incl. few 1958-1959 live rec.
Pretty Much Country
Pretty Much Country
Rec. 1983-1984
Honky Tonk Rock'N'Roll Piano Man
Honky Tonk Rock'n'Roll
Piano Man
. Rec. 1983-1984

Class Of '55
Class Of '55 (Memphis
Rock'n'Roll Homecoming 1986)
Rec. late 1986/early 1987
Old Time Rock'n'Roll
Old Time Rock'n'Roll (bootleg)
Recordings prob. 1986-88
At Hank Cochran's
At Hank Cochran's
Rec. 12/14/1987

Great Balls Of Fire! (Soundtrack)
Great Balls Of Fire!
Movie soundtrack (1989), rec. Oct./Nov. 1988
Yvory Tears
Yvory Tears
Rec. 1989
Young Blood
Young Blood
Rec. 1995
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing
Rec. 2000s (incl. unissued)
About the sound quality of recent CD's

LP albums with the performances not issued on CD

The Sun years
The Sun years (SunBox 102, 12-LP set)
Incl. many recordings 1956-63 never issued
Sun into the 60's
Sun into the 60's (SunBox 109 8-LP set)
Disc 1. Jerry Lee Lewis: Feel So Good
Incl. some unissued recordings

Rockin' Jerry Lee Lewis (Mule)
Rockin' Jerry Lee Lewis (Mule, bootleg)
Compilation of rare tracks
Rockin' with Jerry Lee Lewis (Killer)
Rockin' with Jerry Lee Lewis (Killer,
bootleg). Compilation of rare tracks

Jerry Lee Lewis (Elektra) Jerry Lee Lewis (Elektra)
Rec. 1979
When Two Worlds Collide
When Two Worlds Collide
Rec. 1980
Killer Country
Killer Country
Rec. 1980

B. Live recordings


Live at the Star-Club, Hamburg
Live at the Star-Club
4/5/1964, Hamburg
The Greatest Live Shows On Earth
The Greatest Live Shows On Earth
Birmingham, Al, 7/1/1964
& Fort Worth, Tx, 8/20/1966
The locust years... 7&8
The Locust years… CD7
…promised land…

Fort Worth, Tx, 8/20/1966
(1st show, complete)
Mercury Smashes... 9&10
Mercury Smashes... CD10
Toronto, 9/13/1969

KILLER 2. 1969-1972
Killer vol. 2: 1969-1972
Incl. live recordings
5/1970 & 12/1970
Live at Wembley
Live at the Wembley Arena (4/17/1981),
at Nashville, 1971,
at Cork, 1993 (bootleg)
Live Amsterdam
Live – Amsterdam 1972
(bootleg), 5/13/1972
The London Rock and Roll Show
The London Rock & Roll Show
8/5/1972, Wembley

By Invitation Only
By Invitation Only (2 CD)
Rec. live 12/31/1972, Dalton
Live at Gilley's
Live at Gilley's
1976-1989, Pasadena
The Complete Palomino Club Recordings
The Complete Palomino Club Recordings (2 CD)
1979-1981 & 1985, Van Nuys

Silver Eagle
Live! (The Silver Eagle)
Live In Italy
Live In Italy
Live and Dangerous
Live and Dangerous
circa 1988
Knotts Berry Farm
Knotts Berry Farm
(bootleg) 7/8/1990

Live At The Vapors Club
Live At The Vapors Club
Larry King Live 1996
Larry King Live 1996
Last Man Standing Live
Last Man Standing Live
CD+DVD (9/2006 & 10/2006)


Greatest Live Performances
Greatest Live Performances
of the '50s, '60s and '70s

1957-1958, 1964, 1970s
The Story of Rock and Roll
The Story of Rock and Roll
Incl. all concert at Toronto 1969
I Am What I Am
I Am What I Am
Incl. few live rec. of 1960-70s

Live in London, 1983
Live in London (VHS) 4/1983
Live from Austin Tx
Live from Austin Tx 10/17/1983
In Concert
Great Balls of Fire
Church Street Station, Jan. 1986
Jerry Lee & Friends
Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends
London's Labatt's Apollo, 1989


Jerry Lee Lewis' appearances
on Shindig! TV shows (1964–1965)

Grand Ole Opry,
January 20, 1973

Lorelei Club,
New York City,

August 1979

Palais des Sports,
Lyon, France,

February 23, 1980

Lone Star Cafe,
New York City,

January 14, 1987

Westbury Music Fair, New York,
July 9, 1999

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